Math at Home

How can you help support math at home?

Having a math mindset is a huge part of being successful at math!  Working with children at home on everyday activities that involve math helps them build self-confidence and math skills!  It is a win-win!!  Oh, and you can do it by playing games!!

  • Look for opportunities to count, add, subtract, multiply and divide
  • Look for opportunities to problem-solve
  • Use “math talk” i.e. How much money will it take? Estimate how many…..? How long do you think it will take….?
  • Count everything i.e. steps, presents, food, beads, toys....Count in a variety of ways i.e. by ones, by twos, by fives, forward, backward…
  •  Encourage measurements in the home
  •  Play games i.e. Dominoes, Go Fish…
  •  Prepare food with them, measure ingredients, talk about parts of things such as cakes and pizza, talk about more than and less than i.e. did we put more flour in than sugar?Compare the size, shape, capacity, and height of objects using words like taller, shorter, heavier, lighter, 
  • Sort things by size, colour, by shape, or have your child determine how they are going to sort, sort socks, laundry, food
  •  Go for number walks, shape walks, and walks to find patterns that repeat